FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED Winifred Davis is on the run. She cant get out of New York fast enough or far enough. Raised as an orphan she is desperately seeking an opportunity to protect her child from the harsh reality of having an unwed mother. And the even harsher reality of a father with murderous intent!She runs straight into the arms of Victor Simpson . A rancher seeking a bride for his own secret reasons. But like so many things in life whatever unfinished business you have, will catch up with you sooner or later. Together they will find, that sometimes you find love when you least expect it and when you do, you have to fight for it.Buy it now , to find out how it all ends.The Pregnant Widows Secret is a Clean Western Historical Romance about the mail order brides headed West. Each story can be read as a standalone but if you wish to read about the other stories these are available for a similar price or FREE on Kindle Unlimited .Hope Sinclair writes clean, inspirational, western romance stories that always have a good old fashioned happy ending. Mail Order Brides Book 1: The Spinster Bride & The Finicky CowboyBook 2: The Cowboy & The Heiress BrideBook 3: The Pregnant Widows SecretMail Order Brides - Suitors Out West: Book 1: A Mail Order Nanny For the Awkward BankerBook 2: A Broken Cowboy for the War NurseBook 3: A Lonely Cowboy for the Scarred BrideBook 4: An Elder Brother for The Abandoned BrideBook 5: The Runaway Brides SalvationBook 6. The Pregnant Widows SalvationBook 7: A Captive Bride for the Desperate Cowboy Book 8: A Sickly Bride for the handsome DoctorBook 9: A Thanksgiving Bride for the ProspectorMAIL ORDER BRIDE: Western Frontier Babies and Desperate Brides Romance Series Book 1. The Pregnant Brides Secret DealBook 2. The Cowboys Brother and BabiesBook 3. The Brides Baby BargainBook 4. The Protective Cowboy For The Pregnant BrideBook 5. Mail Order Bride – 2 Brides and 2 Babies (Emma Ashwood & Hope Sinclair)Book 6. The Cowboy, The Heiress and The BabyMail Order Brides Headed For Salvation: Book 1: Renegade BrideBook 2: The Cowboy and The Trophy BrideBook 3: The Cowboy, The Heiress and The BabyBook 4: An Unexpected Husband For The Impulsive BrideMail Order Brides of Rocky Point Book 1: A Chance For Love: An Abused Widow For The Weary SheriffBook 2: A Call Of Destiny: The Deputy's Pretend BrideBook 3: Abandoned Bride: A Jilted Bride For The ShopkeeperBook 4: A Bride For Christmas: An Unexpected Bride For The Wrong Twin Book 5: A Bride For Spring: A Replacement Bride For the Jilted TwinMail Order Brides of Cedarwood Creek Book 1: A Twist Of Fate: A Barren Bride for The Lumberjack Book 2: Baby Love: The Desperate Bride & The Cowboys Illegitimate Baby (Out Now! Exclusively part of multi author pack)Mail Order Bride Agency Book 1: The Lonely Pioneer and the Cripple Bride -Lilly Book 2: The Weary Saloon Owner and the Novice Nun -Mary MargaretBook 3: The Faithful Rancher and the Scarred Bride- Mercy Book 4: The Prideful Preacher and the Dwarf Bride –AmeliaBook 5: Mama Died, Daddy Needs A Bride - ADABook 6: Pregnant Bride Needs A Cowboy – Violet Book 7: Cowboy Cuddles For The One-Arm Bride – Joanna